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Herre IV arm / komplet træningssæt

Herre IV arm / komplet træningssæt

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Lifelike arm reproduction with multi-vein system designed for peripheral intravenous therapy. .Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of the hand .Rotation at deltoid for easier access .Accessible veins include median, basilic and cephalic .Palpable veins enable site selection and preparation .Infusible veins allow peripheral therapy with IV bolus or push injection method .Replaceable skin and vein system ensure longevity of model Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit Includes: Arm, replacement skin and multi vein system, simulated blood, blood bag with tubing and connector, clamp and hook, 5 syringes, manikin lubricant, carry case and directions for use.
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