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Hjertesygdomme engelsk lamineret (Heart Disease)

Hjertesygdomme engelsk lamineret (Heart Disease)

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Ægte lamineret plakat som kan hænges op med vores sorte plakatlister, som vi har vedlagt gratis. Lamineringen med 75 micron omslutter hele plakaten, som derved er komplet vandafvisende og slidstærk. Det er muligt at bruge whitemarkers, uden at skade plakaten. En kvalitet, vi har sikret ved selv at stå for lamineringen.

With updated images and text and improved design elements, this new edition of our Heart Disease chart provides an easy-to-understand overview of the important anatomical aspects of heart disease. 

The progression of heart disease in atherosclerosis is shown in three stages, each with an anatomical image of the surface or cross-section of the heart, a cross-section of an artery, and a cross-section of the heart wall. The stages show how a narrowed artery leads to ischemia; how a blocked artery leads to a myocardial infarction (heart attack); and show the recovery period with collateral blood supply.

The chart also shows heart disease in hypertension which can lead to hypertrophy and dilation of the left ventricle. Congestive heart failure, mitral valve prolapse, and the effects of aging on the heart are also illustrated and described.

For comparison, the chart also contains illustrations of normal heart anatomy, including anterior surface and cross-sections of the heart, the systems coronary arteries on the heart, and a cross-section of a normal coronary artery.
Størrelse:51x66 cm
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