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Migræne & hovepine engelsk lamineret (Migraines and Headaches)

Migræne & hovepine engelsk lamineret (Migraines and Headaches)

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Ægte lamineret plakat som kan hænges op med vores sorte plakatlister, som vi har vedlagt gratis. Lamineringen med 75 micron omslutter hele plakaten, som derved er komplet vandafvisende og slidstærk. Det er muligt at bruge whitemarkers, uden at skade plakaten. En kvalitet, vi har sikret ved selv at stå for lamineringen.

Developed and revised in conjunction with the Diamond Headache Clinic, a premier headache and migraine health care facility, this new edition  of our Migraines and Headache chart is simplified, updated with more information on central sensitization, and includes a headache treatment guide. 
The chart describes and illustrates the three main types of primary headaches?migraine, cluster, and tension-type?and illustrates the steps in the pathway of a migraine attack, from the start deep within the brain to the pain of peripheral and central sensitization. Information on secondary (organic) headaches is also included.

The chart lists healthy lifestyle strategies to avoid headaches, and includes a headache diagnostic guide?a table that provides a quick way to map types of headaches to their various features such as frequency, pain area, and symptoms. Also included is a headache treatment guide that matches common medication and non-drug treatments to the three main types of primary 

made in USA

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