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Skeletplakat 3D relief (Skeletal system 3D raised relief)

Skeletplakat 3D relief (Skeletal system 3D raised relief)

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Classic illustrations by Peter Bachin. Shows anterior, lateral and posterior views of the skeletal system. Also illustrates portion of long bone, auditory ossicles, ligaments of the right hand (dorsal and palmar views), ligaments of the right foot (dorsal and plantar view) and the right knee joint (anterior and posterior views).3 dimensions let you feel texture and form3D images make it easy and fun to learn about the bodyHole at the top of the chart for easy wall hangingBold titlesClear, easy-to-read labelsLightweight plastic will last indefinitelyChart will stand up on an easelSpace for custom imprintEmbark on a new dimension of learning...Transcending the world of 2 dimensions, our charts now exist in the third dimension. A hand-chosen group of our medical and anatomical charts are now available in a 3-dimensional format. Adding a third dimension to the illustrations heightens the reality and vividness of the image, and adds significance to the information. Each chart measures 18" x 25" and is made of durable, lightweight, non-toxic, recyclable plastic.

Størrelse:45x68,5 cm
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