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SOMSO Dyrecelle

SOMSO Dyrecelle

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Enlarged 20000 times, made in SOMSO-Plast®. After Studiendirektor Christian Groß. The model shows the recently discovered principles of the delicate structure of an animal cell. In addition to the organellae like nucleus, endoplasmatic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes respectively polysomes and Golgi apparatus the model also shows centrioles, lysosomes and fat vacuoles. The presentation of the process of extrusion of a Golgi vesicle and pinocytic signs is shown by the cell dynamics. For teaching purposes the components of the cell are very brightly coloured to bring out the high degree of segmentation of a cell. Scope: extended view of the cell. Model in one piece, on a stand with green base.
Varenummer:ZoS 120
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